Payless College Program

At Payless, you are more than just a new college graduate, you are our future. We take pride in our college programs and build Payless leaders through our Corporate Career Possibilities Program, Business Leadership Program and Internship opportunities.

Make Payless a part of your future, every step of the way.

Corporate Career Possibilities (CCP) – Find Your Fit and begin your Payless journey in our CCP program. This 9 week training program is designed to give you the tools for long-term career development. Combining classroom learning with on-the-job training, you will be exposed to various aspects of the business including the Payless strategy, functional operations and systems, core competencies for career growth, and much more.

Business Leadership Program (BLP) – Launch your career as a Business Leadership Associate, and gain valuable insight into the retail industry, while learning how to lead and engage a team. You will begin your career at Payless with a rotation in our Payless store organization where you will discover first-hand who our customer is, and why she shops with us. Next, you will take the learnings from your store rotation and join our corporate team. There are many functions you could transition to including Buying, Merchandise Distribution, Human Resources, Marketing, Store Development and more.

Internships – Build a strong foundation toward a successful career with an internship at Payless. Our program is designed to allow for real work experience while providing developmental tools for future success. Payless interns are exposed to many facets of the business through leadership networking, learning events, social gatherings and mentoring relationships.

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